After God’s Own Heart

During the summer months, our preaching team will be taking us back to I and II Samuel and the life of David, Israel’s greatest king. Even though David was the youngest and seemingly the least of Jesse’s sons, God created and gifted him to be the right person to lead Israel into their glory years. The many lessons learned caring for his father’s sheep, would be used by God in wondrous ways. Even though David was said to be a man “after God’s own heart,” like us, he was flawed and sinned. After repentance and reconciliation, God used him once again. A thousand years after David, Jesus, Great King David’s Greater Son, would become the Risen and the Reigning Lord.

Basking in the Resurrection Light

The resurrection of Jesus radically changed the lives of those who walked and talked with him while he was here on this earth. After the bitter disappointment of Jesus’ crucifixion and burial, the bright rays of resurrection light transformed them from dark despair to radiant hope. In this series of messages, as we look together at John 20-21, we will see those early followers encounter the Risen. Along with them, we continue to bask in the bright rays of the resurrection. The resurrection of Jesus changes everything!

Countdown to the Cross

John 18 gives us an up-close and personal look at the last hours of Jesus’ life. As we see him betrayed, denied, questioned, and tried, we realize that Jesus faced some of the same situations in life that we experience. Yet, it was different for Jesus. He was on a countdown to the cross, where he would empty himself as a sacrifice for us. In these weeks of Lent, we are called to evaluate our lives and commitment ourselves anew to the One who came as the Word made flesh.