Serve At ZPC

Many opportunities are available to serve within the walls of ZPC.


Worship Arts

Volunteers in this ministry have opportunities to serve including helping define worship decor, running slides for services, singing in the choir, preparing communion, and running audio.

> Contact: Betsy Howden [317.873.8137x1010]

Welcome Shepherds

This team provides coordination for all of the Sunday morning ministries that provide care for everyone on the church site on Sunday mornings. These ministries include our Greeter Team, Welcome Center Team, Coffee and Donut Ministry, Brunch Team, and Usher Ministry. We do our best to make sure every possible touch of love and welcome is extended to every person entering our building. We would love to have you join us!

> Contact: Jay Wasson [317.973.0557]

Middle School Ministry

We have many opportunities for you to plug into the middle school ministry. From small group leaders during the week to discussion leaders on Sunday mornings to counselors on short-term trips such as Great Escape, we would love to have you join us!

Get started with the process of volunteering now!

> Contact: Calvin Bryant [317.873.8137x1026]

Meal Ministry

If you enjoy cooking, the Meal Ministry may be a great place for you to plug in! This ministry provides meals and prayer for families in need of extra support. For example, this team provides meals for families who have welcomed new children, either through birth or adoption, to families with a loved one who is hospitalized or seriously ill, or to families who have experienced a recent death.

> Contact Helen Adams [317.873.4975]

Hospital Team

The Hospital Team makes contact by phone and/or through personal visits to those who are hospitalized or in a special care facility.

> Contact: Wayne Schmidt [317.873.4508]


High School Ministry

If you like working with high school students, this is the place to serve.

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> Contact: Jon Graybeal [317.873.8137x1015]

Deacons of Fun

The Deacons of Fun provides meaningful and fun opportunities to build relationships with one another and to grow as a Christian community. We try to provide 3-4 events throughout the year.

> Contact: Hillary Bustamante [317.418.7304]

Community Assistance Team

This team receives requests for financial assistance, follows up on those requests, determines who will be helped, how we can best assist them, and makes sure that help is obtained. A significant portion of assistance involves financial support to avoid utility disconnects, eviction notices, and similar hardships. The team is consists of 8 to 10 volunteers including Deacons as well as several other volunteers.

Contact: Dave Stricker [317.873.5892]

Children's Ministry

Many opportunities exist to serve kids from birth to 4th grade. This is the place for you to serve if you are interested in helping these kids grow in their faith!

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> Contacts: Birth through kindergarten: Kristin Lehr [317.873.8137x1019]
                   First through fourth grades: Amy Crispin [317.873.8137x1023]

Bereavement Team

This team provides support to individuals who have lost a loved one. Team members host memorial services at ZPC by serving as on site greeters, coordinating food and refreshments, and assisting the family and funeral directors as needed. We personally contact the family to offer condolences and prayer and ask what needs the family may have for a snack or meal during the calling and memorial service. We offer support and reassurance of God’s constant love during difficult times.

> Contact: Lane Kessel [317.873.0436]