Current Opportunities

We affectionately refer to this page as the "time and stuff page." In other words, following is a listing of great opportunities that your Home Group, your family, or you, individually, can engage with to make use of your time and donate your stuff.

If you have opportunities you would like to add to this page, please fill out this form and we will contact you to confirm your request was received and add it to this page.

Service Opportunities Request

Serve as a storyteller 

A storyteller/thespian is needed Sunday mornings for ZPCKids. The storyteller tells 1st through 4th graders the Bible story in a creative and captivating way. All scripts are provided. Once a month commitment.

> Amy Crispin [ ]

Teacher for 1st-4th grade

A teacher is needed for first through fourth graders on Sunday mornings at 10:30. All materials provided.

> Amy Crispin [ ]

Volunteer for VBS | July 16-20 | 6-8 pm

Volunteers are needed for this year’s VBS, Passport to Peru. Adults, high school students and middle school students (who have completed 7th or 8th grade) please register at There are many volunteer opportunities. There is a spot just for you!

> Jennifer Tillema [ ]

Work Day at St8Up Ministries

Small groups of 4-5 people are needed to perform light construction and maintenance at Str8Up Camp, 1010 W 64th St, to prepare it for youth activities this summer. Groups may serve 1/2 days on Saturdays in through July from 8:30 am - 12:30 pm.

We have trail clearing, painting benches, light repair with basic carpentry, and much more. Most all work will be done outside.

If you have any individuals or small group leaders who want to serve contact ZPCer Jill or St8up's executive director, Greg.

> Jill Robertson [ ; 317.873.1829]
> Greg Strand [ ]

ZPC Tech Team

Help is needed on the ZPC Tech Team. This team is responsible for helping on Sunday mornings with audio and computer/slides. Please contact to help with audio and  to help with computer.

> Tim King [ ; 317.873.8137]
> Betsy Howden [ ; 317.873.8137]

Make and Serve Dinner at St8Up Ministries

Grab your Home Group or family or friends and make and serve dinner for about 40 St8Up kids on Wednesday or Sunday evening.

> Jill Robertson [ ; 317.873.1829]

Jeremiah House Fellowship Dinners

Plan, deliver, and share dinner with our brothers in Christ at the Jeremiah House. We ask that you and your family stay and eat with the men. The meal does not need to be fancy or even homemade. This is a great opportunity to demonstrate hospitality to other members of the ZPC community.
When: Thursdays January-May | 6-7:30 pm
Where: Jeremiah House

sign up

> Father of the Jeremiah House Ronnie Jordan [ ; 317.992.9501]