The session is the governing board of a Presbyterian church made up of a group of women and men who are elected by the congregation to serve three-year terms as the overseers and policy-makers of a church. Areas of oversight include administration, personnel, missions, education, property, finances, evangelism, worship, and the spiritual development of members. The ZPC Session is comprised of called pastors [teaching elders] who are ordained Ministers of the Word and Sacrament of the Presbyterian Church [Rev. Jerry Deck and Rev. Scott Shelton] and 12 lay church members who have been elected as ruling elders. 

Our Session meets the first Tuesday of each month from 6:30–9 pm. Unless an Executive Session is called, these meetings are open to ZPC members and subject to the session's open meeting policy (PDF). Please read this policy prior to attending.

Questions, concerns, and communication from ZPCers are always welcome. To email one of our Session Members, click on the person you wish to contact below or you can always utilize this contact form to contact an individual session member or email the entire session at one time.

Session-related documents, including minutes, are available in the ZPC Library. Select documents are also available at the bottom of this page.

Elders Class of 2018

Profile image of Val Lindenschmidt

Val Lindenschmidt

Mission Commission Member At-Large; Elder


Val has attended ZPC since 1999. She and husband John joined the church in 2012. Val is excited to see where God is taking ZPC. She says, “My prayer is for our church to be a place where we all use our individual gifts to glorify God. I would like to see our focus remain on ‘making disciples and sending them into a broken world.’ “

Val’s Hidden Talent: “I can do a flip turn. I was a swimmer in school.”

Profile image of Jay Maddox

Jay Maddox


Profile image of Todd Nelson

Todd Nelson



Todd and his wife Laura first worshiped at ZPC in 2007. Todd shared, "I have seen God at work in the lay leaders. When you see volunteers serving purely for the benefit of others at amazing events like the Great Banquet & VBS among others, God's love shines bright."

Todd’s Hidden Talent: "Being able to think of nearly everything in the format of Microsoft Excel."

Profile image of Craig Boyle

Craig Boyle


Elders Class of 2019

Profile image of Margaret Gordon

Margaret Gordon


Margaret and her husband Todd along with their four children, Conner, Grace, Quinn, Ian and Erin Gordon have been serving ZPC for over 15 years. Margaret has said in reference to her work with Interfaith Hospitality Network (IHN) at ZPC that her goal is "To provide an opportunity for the ZPC community to be the hands and feet of Jesus by working together to provide temporary housing for families in crisis."

Margaret's Hidden Talent: She drives a mean jet ski

Profile image of Lynn Thomas

Lynn Thomas


Lynn and her husband Dale attended ZPC from the early 90’s to 2008, then took time to serve at Second Presbyterian Church and re-joined ZPC in 2015. They have two young adult sons; Cole and Trent. Lynn has shared "ZPC is home to me. It’s a place where I worship and serve God and enjoy being with His people. I want to help everyone who comes into ZPC to find their home here, too"

Lynn's Hidden Talent: Doing laundry!  "I love to do laundry. Stuff goes in so dirty, comes out so clean and fresh smelling. It’s an opportunity to give thanks for each item as you fold it - where you got it, where you wore it, or for the person who wore it., it’s the ultimate multi-tasking opportunity. You can do laundry while you play, work or nap!"


Profile image of Andrew Perrin

Andrew Perrin


Andrew and his wife Abby joined ZPC in 2015. They have two school aged children Sam and Leah. Andrew would like to seek ways for ZPC to continue to be a warm and inviting place for those who are visiting or newly attending. 

Andrew's Hidden Talent: former professional whitewater rafting guide.

Profile image of Gary Ball

Gary Ball


Elders Class of 2020

Mark McDonald


Amanda Stricker


Kurt Strueh


Amanda Witter



Session 2018 Meeting Schedule

  • January 9
  • February 6  (will be added approximately one week prior to meeting)
  • March 6 (will be added approximately one week prior to meeting)
  • April 10  (will be added approximately one week prior to meeting)
  • May 1  (will be added approximately one week prior to meeting)
  • June 5  (will be added approximately one week prior to meeting)
  • August 7 (will be added approximately one week prior to meeting)
  • September 4 (will be added approximately one week prior to meeting)
  • October 2 (will be added approximately one week prior to meeting)
  • November 6 (will be added approximately one week prior to meeting)
  • December 4 (will be added approximately one week prior to meeting)

Select Session Documents