Livengood Class

Every Sunday, 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

A study on Genesis 1:1-Genesis 12:5

That section of Scripture covers what is often referred to as the preliminary word (the prolegomenon) to the Gospel message, which is first seen in Genesis 12. The Genesis 1-12:5 passage is structured by four foundational blessings. They are:

  1. The blessing of creation and a word from God to mankind that He would bless them with a population explosion
  2. The blessing of a “seed,” i.e. a male descendant of Eve’s that would come and crush Satan’s head, undoing the damage of sin
  3. The blessing of a God Who would dwell in the tents of “Shem,” i.e. the Jewish people
  4. The blessing of the gospel for all nations.

These “blessings” form the theological structure of the passage, but the details of each chapter demonstrate the fact that God is a gracious and loving God. He meets each of us where we are and urges us by his fatherly oversight to follow him so that the fullness of Christian blessing can be ours. The material has a deep and intimate tenderness to it as the study will reveal.

Contact: Jim Livengood [317.513.8945]

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