Nominate Individuals for the Nominating Committee

Daily from 03/05/2018 to 03/25/2018

Nominations are now being accepted for the four at-large members of the Nominating Committee. The deadline for submission of nominee names is Sunday, March 25. Nominated individuals who are active members of ZPC and eligible to serve on this committee will be contacted to determine their willingness to serve in this capacity. If they are eligible (not currently serving as an elder or deacon) and willing to serve, their name will be included on the slate of candidates brought before the members to vote on at the congregational meeting. This committee's purpose is to bring a slate of candidates before the congregation for the offices of elder and deacon at ZPC who would serve beginning in 2019. The pastor serves ex-officio, as the moderator of the committee. Additional committee positions are designated by the session (the chairperson who is a currently-serving elder; a currently-serving deacon representative; as well as a non-serving elder representative).

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